Help with learning Spanish

For starters and advanced learners

My name is Guadalupe - Lupe for my friends - and I live in Lima, Peru. I help Dutch and English speaking people with their Spanish language skills, using Skype.
I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and I take great pleasure in it. With my experience I can help you with your Spanish classes. I can help you improve your fluency, your writing abilities and your grammar. In the process your comprehension of the language is trained. If you have already finished your Spanish lessons, your conversations with me are a way to maintain what you have learned so far. Peruvian Spanish is very similar to the Spanish they speak in Spain.
Through my other job (I’m a manager in a B&B) I come into contact with people from all over the world. I enjoy travelling, I’ve visited the Netherlands on three occasions, and speak both Dutch and English. My competence in those languages is sufficient to make a good start with Spanish lessons.
How does it work?
- If you contact me, we can come to an agreement on how many lessons per week you would like to take. Of course we will try to find time slots in your schedule that are convenient for you.
- I charge €10,- for an hour.

Hulp bij spaans Lupe